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Ten Top Tips for
Buying & Preparing Seafood

Buying and preparing seafood (fish, shellfish, crustaceans, etc) can be a bit of a challenge...

Many people are put off buying and eating seafood by an air of mysticism and complexity surrounding their purchase and preparation. 

Stories abound of people writhing around in agony losing half their body weight in a day. 

This needn't be the case if only a few very simple rules are followed...

  1. Choose seafood with care and buy only from reputable supermarkets & fishmongers, places where you’ve bought before without encountering problems
  2. Fish and seafood should smell of nothing more than the sea. Avoid outlets that smell too ‘fishy’
  3. Cook shellfish on the day of purchase, and fresh fish within 24hrs
  4. Look for clean shiny unbroken shells which should all be tightly closed, with no detritus or grit
  5. Scrub shells well and remove any barnacles and any tough fibrous beard
  6. Throw away any with broken shells, and also ones that refuse to close up sharpish when rapped on the side of the sink
  7. Beware bivalves that stay closed or who’s shells are cracked having just been through the cooking process, should be discarded
  8. Crustaceans are at their best when slightly underdone, so make sure you 1st remove the ‘vein’ (stomach tube)
  9. Kill crabs & lobsters quickly. Plunge live crabs into lots boiling salt water. Stab lobster in ‘cross’ at back of head & slice down to tail
  10. Cook shellfish for the briefest time. Bivalves should be silky & soft, crustacean should be juicy & ‘bouncy’

















































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5 Day/5 Night Cooking Courses Include:

  • Expert hands-on tuition with British chef

  • All courses conducted in English

  • All cooking ingredients, equipment and aprons

  • A continental breakfast each day

  • Lunch each day

  • Dinner
    (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

  • Tea, coffee and wine

  • An evening meal on the day of your arrival

  • En suite centrally-heated accommodation

  • Recipe pack containing all the dishes cooked during your stay

  • Entrance fees to places visited

  • Private and secluded pool

  • Internet and Email

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    Some of the things you'll be doing on the cooking course:

    Learn how to cook pastries, breads and soups

    Select and prepare the best fish and shellfish

    Butcher common joints of meat

    Cook classic French and Italian sauces

    Construct modern dressings

    Master the art of stylish contemporary food presentation