Activate Your Taste Buds with MySubwayCard

Let's say that you are one of those people, who pursue a high flying job and you never have time to cook a healthy meal for yourself at your home. If you have someone to cook for you at home, you probably don’t have enough time or the peace of mind to eat it. If this kind of accurately describes the circumstances you find yourself in, how do you manage to go on a diet to lose weight? You have probably thought to yourself that about the only kind of discipline you can see yourself buckling down to be a fast food diet. There is a good solution for you in such a situation and this is the Subway diet or meals.

The Subway diet became highly popularized choice when as it prepares the nutritious foods prepared in Subway for the foodies. They come up with seven different types of sandwiches and other fast foods that contain 6 grams or less fat. It can be part of a healthy dietary lifestyle of every individual who is patronizing their sandwiches. Using MySubwayCard is a smiling idea to get those diet food items with an impressive discount. This is a simple reward program for Subway prime members. Not only the exciting discounts but the reward program comes with interesting surprises too.

Criteria to win the card:

  • To get the card, you need to have the prime membership of Subway. Every member should be 13 years old at least or older.
  • She/he should be a legal US resident or should be from U.S Territories like Puerto, Guam etc. If you are a legal resident, you can participate in the My Way Reward program of Subway.
  • This reward card is valid for only the selected food stores of Subway in the U.S that participating in this reward program.
  • You need to use your physical Subway membership card to earn the tokens and to enjoy the facilities. You need to provide the specific phone number that registered with Subway.
  • If you use the MyWay App of Subway, you can apply for this reward program
  • You need to sign up online or through the app to avail the rewards plan

Instruction to keep in mind while applying for the card

  • There is a webpage designed by Subway that dedicated to the MyWay rewards program. You can visit the webpage through your smartphone or your computer.
  • Once you visit the website, you will find the “join now” button. Here you will find the option to start your own signup process.
  • It is easy to enroll for the prime membership program if you use Ios or Android platforms.
  • You need to enter all the necessary details to fill up certain places with information like your e-mail address, name and surely your password
  • You need put to a few other details like your country, your phone number and surely your Country Code
  • Here will open another window that may ask to agree with the terms and conditions that related to this loyalty MyWay reward program.
  • Click on Agree button to create your account and also to confirm for the participation.

A brief picture of Subway:
The Subway food chain has become of the biggest success stories in recent memory involving the food industry. It is quite amazing that a simple shop that makes the delicious submarine sandwiches has done so well. This is one of the popular growing food chains in the world. Apart from the U.S.A, Subway has many franchise stores in all the corners of the world. They started as a humble small food store but now turned up as a global sensation with more than 42000 stores but multi-billion dollar revenue.