Looking At the Different Ways to Overcome Your Food Cravings

Cravings are just like itches that we desperately want to scratch. Food cravings are described as the extreme desire of eating some specific kinds of food. Such feelings are much stronger than the normal hunger.

Food scientists and engineers have actually done the research on what makes us to crave some foods than others. Salt, sweet and fat wins trifecta of taste, which fuels our food cravings the most. Taste is a king, and foods that taste really good are ones that deliver at preferred ratios for sugar, salt, fat or other features, which make this food very exciting. The food manufacturers, engineers and scientists use a wide range of such factors to make our food so attractive. Because they know for people like us, our food craving-focus will be on the food texture. It may be creamy and crunchy or mouth-watering balance. For some, the craving-focus will be centered on the taste. This taste can be sweet, salty, and lip-smacking blend.

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Checking out the Calories

Caloric density is the important means used for keeping us to come back for more. caloric density and energy density of any food is the measurement of average calories every unit of that food. Every food has nutrients. Not like the calorie dense foods, the nutrient dense foods also are very high in the nutrients for number of calories every unit they have. Foods that are calorie or energy dense have the high calories concentration per bite.

But, some common processed foods, which are the energy dense are packaged snack foods, cookies, frosted cakes as well as candies. The traditional fast foods like fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and French fries or bakery items such as doughnuts are some legendary food items for the energy density. The junk foods are actually considered as empty calorie foods as they are very low in the nutritional density as well as high on the calories per ounce. Such high energy dense and high calorie foods provide high concentration of the calories per bite, as well as are associated with the high pleasure by brain Such foods are made to be tasty (potato chips) & not filling. As junk foods are very low in the satisfaction value, people generally not feel full even if they eat them. Such low satisfaction experience leads to overeating. Also, junk food is high in palatability, fat as well as calories, and low in volume and fiber.

The low energy foods generally tend to be nutrient dense. Normally, they are juicy and moist. The low energy foods have the high fiber content that retains the natural water. Most of the vegetables, fruits as well as legumes are the best examples of the low energy foods.

Follow these tips to overcome your food cravings

Seek out & eat low energy density foods

Such foods are generally high in water & low in fat. So, it is important to limit consumption of such high caloric foods that includes processed snacks desserts & junk foods.

Eat until you’re full

It’s simple to conquer your food cravings when you’re full. Be intentional. As energy dense food provides more calories and want you to ask for more, select low energy foods that are low in the calories as well as high in the nutrient density, fiber and water that can leave you satisfied for long. Feeling feel full & satisfied is a strongest way of conquering your food cravings.

Sequence your meals

Start your meals with soup, salad and fruit. This can make you start with the low energy foods that are nutritious and filling than the high calorie dense ones. Eating without oil provides the lowest caloric food density.

Final Words

Thus, these are a few important things that you need to know when you are looking to conquer your instant food craving. Trust me, it really works, do try it out any see the results.