Long hairs?? Yess we all want long, shiny and black hairs, No doubt I am Right. But in this modern era our desire will remain a desire of hairs grow faster. Youngsters are more interested in fashionable food rather than nutritional diet, but you know what?? Our diet is directly link with our hair’s health. So make sure you should take proper balanced diet to get rid of hair fall and white hairs.

5 Diet Tips For Fast Hair Growth

1) Vitamins play high role in hair grow faster. Their is two types of vitamins:- first is water soluble vitamin and another is fat soluble. Fat soluble vitamin is vitamin A,D,E,A which is very effective towards healthy body and hairs. You should add these vitamins in your daily diet and get healthy hairs.
2) Always take balanced diet which contain all nutrition and minerals. Always remember any imbalance of these nutrition in your inner body, directly impact to your hairs and results into hair lose.
3) improper food may results into hidden hunger, which mean food which full your tummy not your nutritional values. So take proper food which full your body’s need as well as your tummy.
4) Avoid junk food, Only take Healthy food and juice, which contain vitamin A such as Spanish, Carrot etc and vitamin C such as Amla, orange, Gauava etc help to provide natural shine to your hairs.
5) Protein is also very helpful for Healthy hairs. Always drink milk because milk is the natural source of protein. It will help them to stay healthy and prevent to Hair breakage.

Some other tips to Remember

1) Prevent your hairs from direct sunlight because sun light make your skin black and hairs white. Your hairs may be damage due to pollutants present in air and results into earlier grey hairs.
2) As hairs health depends on your diet only so do not take any medicine or medical care in this situation instead of ask to your dietician.
3) Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil, will really helps to non-stop blood circulation of the head and helps hairs grow faster.
4) Onion juice is very effective for hair growth. Message your hairs with onion juice thrice in the week will definitely help your hair grow faster and healthy.
5) Stress due to change in the life style direct effect to your hairs. In this competitive world we all face stress, to get rid of stress and depression one may take help of meditation.

Therefore we can see that hair grow faster is not so big deal just be focused on your diet. Even once I also face hair lose problem, then my doctor suggest me some tips, with the help of these tips today I have long and healthy hairs. That’s why I shared this with all of you guys.
If you have any query regarding hairs and diet you can ask me or want to give some suggestions you can comment below.
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