Teenage is the time when boy’s body need more nutrients than an adult for growth and good health. Boys should take balanced diet for better lifestyle.
Your teenage boy need more energy than teenage girl because of high metabolism rate. At this age you should take care of his physical growth by giving him proper and balanced diet in adequate manner.


Balanced diet for teenage boy

Teenagers need balanced diet for proper growth. Balanced diet should contain all nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fat and water to fulfill the daily caloric need of his body. You must ensure that his balanced diet should contain all essential nutrients which are necessary for body functioning and prevent them for seasonal disease and risk of infection and also prevent health disease like diabetes, cancer etc.

It is the harsh truth that making your teen eat right is very difficult challenge for you. Scared not!! To make you planning today Cookin France came with five diet plan for your teenage boy.


Aware them to the importance of good diet

The first step towards the right diet planning for teenage boy is to make him understand the importance of it. Healthy diet is the key of disease free life.


♥ Discuss with them how good food plays an important role in health & growth.
♥ Sit with them, and explain how good food can help them to stay fit and healthy, and encourage them to take participate in more physical activities.
♥ Worn them to stay away from unhealthy or junk food. Your teenage boy must be well aware of this fact.
♥ Make them understand how healthy food can help him to achieve healthy and fit body great look too.


A diet plan for teenage Boy

Teenage can hardly can take any right decisions, not at least when it come to food habits. So you should plan a good diet for your teen boy and help him to adapt it.

1) Say yes to breakfast

♥ Most of the teens ignore the breakfast but breakfast is the most important for the whole day. Good habit must be given at the very young age.
♥ You must ensure that your teenage boy never leave the breakfast.
♥ A healthy breakfast for teenager should consist of protein, calcium, whole grains, fruit and milk.
♥ Make for him oats, wheat pasta or multi grains bread.


2) Healthy Lunch

Pack nutritious lunch for your teenage boy in the form of his favourite dishes.
♥ This will charge him with more energy that he needs in school time and after school activities too.


3) Light and healthy dinner

You must ensure that your teenage boy eat dinner at same time every night.
♥ Dinner must be full of steamed vegetables, multi grains pasta or even baked meat. This will keep him full for longer time to stay next 10-12 hours without food.
♥ Proper food helps him away from mid night food habit.


4) Snacks is Must

You should pay attention to your teen’s snacking.
♥ Snacks is important as they satisfy the hunger between in next meal time.
♥ Snacks should be fruit, dry fruits, wheat cracker, and hard boiled egg are some examples of healthy snacks.


5) Limited Fat and Suggary food

Any food which contains high saturated fat and sugar is known as Empty calories food .
♥ You ensure that your teenage avoid junk food, deep fried food, frozen and packed food.
♥ A good way to encourage your teen to eat right is the healthy food stock at your home.


Other Healthy food habits

Eating healthy food is good lesson you can give your teens. Follow these simple tips thty will definitely helps your teens to grow into a healthy adult.
* Try to include more salad at every meal.
* Ensure he drinks lot of liquid in form of fresh juice, milk, shakes, soups and even water.
* Keep him aways from coffee and tea instead make him drink green tea.
* Physical activities is equally important. You make sure he plays lots of outdoor sports, walk a lot, jogging or yoga for peaceful body, mind or even soul.



If you want to share some other diet tips or plan with us or want to give any suggestion you can comment below. Thanks!