Delicious Mix veg is the mouthwatering dish loved by everyone as it’s tastes like restaurant style mix veg. Each and every bite of MIX veg gives you the vegetable’s taste which you will love definitely.
Mix veg is made with any vegetables of your choice. As it is full of nutrients. You can call it Balanced diet because it contains all necessary nutrients for health and growth.
Let’s start learn how to cook mix veg at home in resturant style.

Ingredients for Mix Veg

3 Tbsp oil
1/2 Tbsp Cumin seeds
1 Bayleaf
1 Bowl tomato puree
2 Chopped Carrot
1 chhoped cauliflower
1 chhoped broccoli
A small bowl of peas
1 bowl soaked cashew
1 Bowl chhoped capsicum
2 Tbsp chhoped Coriander leaves
1 Tbsp Garam masla
1 Tbsp kashmiri Red chilli powder
1/2 Tbsp turmeric powder
1 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp ginger,garlic and green chilli paste.


How to cook Mix Veg

1) Take a deep stainless steel pan (kadai) and add oil on heat. Add Cumin seeds and bayleaf, cook for 1-2 mintues on low flame.
2)Now add ginger, garlic and green chilli paste. Saute well for 1 minute.
3) Add mushroom, broccoli and cashews in pan, mix it properly. (Cook for 1-2 mintues)
4)Now add tomato puree , cook for 4-5 minutes till oil gets separate from mixture.
5) Then add Red chilli powder, turmeric powder, Coriander Powder, Garam masala and salt, mix well.
6) Stirring occasionally for 2 mintues, then close the pan with a plate and cook on low flame for 15-20 mintues.
7) When all vegetables properly cooked add corriender leaves for garnishing and better taste.
8)Your yummy and tasty mix veg is ready now, serve it with hot chappaties.


Watch full video of MIX VEG RECIPE

Point to Remember

1) You can add any vegetable you love.
2) Continuously checks vegetables while cooking, do no over cooking as it will tastes bad then.
3) You can also add paneer if you are paneer lover. Chhoped paneer into small pieces. You can shallow fry or leave as it is.
4) Do not add water in it. Nobody likes Mix Veg with gravy.


Try this delicious recipe at home and share your reviews with us. Share your receipe with Cookin France we accept guest recipe. Share your suggestions and reviews in comment session.


Teenage is the time when boy’s body need more nutrients than an adult for growth and good health. Boys should take balanced diet for better lifestyle.
Your teenage boy need more energy than teenage girl because of high metabolism rate. At this age you should take care of his physical growth by giving him proper and balanced diet in adequate manner.


Balanced diet for teenage boy

Teenagers need balanced diet for proper growth. Balanced diet should contain all nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fat and water to fulfill the daily caloric need of his body. You must ensure that his balanced diet should contain all essential nutrients which are necessary for body functioning and prevent them for seasonal disease and risk of infection and also prevent health disease like diabetes, cancer etc.

It is the harsh truth that making your teen eat right is very difficult challenge for you. Scared not!! To make you planning today Cookin France came with five diet plan for your teenage boy.


Aware them to the importance of good diet

The first step towards the right diet planning for teenage boy is to make him understand the importance of it. Healthy diet is the key of disease free life.


♥ Discuss with them how good food plays an important role in health & growth.
♥ Sit with them, and explain how good food can help them to stay fit and healthy, and encourage them to take participate in more physical activities.
♥ Worn them to stay away from unhealthy or junk food. Your teenage boy must be well aware of this fact.
♥ Make them understand how healthy food can help him to achieve healthy and fit body great look too.


A diet plan for teenage Boy

Teenage can hardly can take any right decisions, not at least when it come to food habits. So you should plan a good diet for your teen boy and help him to adapt it.

1) Say yes to breakfast

♥ Most of the teens ignore the breakfast but breakfast is the most important for the whole day. Good habit must be given at the very young age.
♥ You must ensure that your teenage boy never leave the breakfast.
♥ A healthy breakfast for teenager should consist of protein, calcium, whole grains, fruit and milk.
♥ Make for him oats, wheat pasta or multi grains bread.


2) Healthy Lunch

Pack nutritious lunch for your teenage boy in the form of his favourite dishes.
♥ This will charge him with more energy that he needs in school time and after school activities too.


3) Light and healthy dinner

You must ensure that your teenage boy eat dinner at same time every night.
♥ Dinner must be full of steamed vegetables, multi grains pasta or even baked meat. This will keep him full for longer time to stay next 10-12 hours without food.
♥ Proper food helps him away from mid night food habit.


4) Snacks is Must

You should pay attention to your teen’s snacking.
♥ Snacks is important as they satisfy the hunger between in next meal time.
♥ Snacks should be fruit, dry fruits, wheat cracker, and hard boiled egg are some examples of healthy snacks.


5) Limited Fat and Suggary food

Any food which contains high saturated fat and sugar is known as Empty calories food .
♥ You ensure that your teenage avoid junk food, deep fried food, frozen and packed food.
♥ A good way to encourage your teen to eat right is the healthy food stock at your home.


Other Healthy food habits

Eating healthy food is good lesson you can give your teens. Follow these simple tips thty will definitely helps your teens to grow into a healthy adult.
* Try to include more salad at every meal.
* Ensure he drinks lot of liquid in form of fresh juice, milk, shakes, soups and even water.
* Keep him aways from coffee and tea instead make him drink green tea.
* Physical activities is equally important. You make sure he plays lots of outdoor sports, walk a lot, jogging or yoga for peaceful body, mind or even soul.



If you want to share some other diet tips or plan with us or want to give any suggestion you can comment below. Thanks!


Teenage girls are suffering from obesity due to lack of all nutrients in their diet. Teenage girls should take balanced diet, after all food is medicine.


10 tips for be healthy and fit

Through the lack of knowledge girls starting dieting and keep themselve starve which is very unhealthy and risky. The easy step to be fit is take proper and healthy diet after all food is medicine.

1)Take balanced diet

* Do not take diet which is lack of nutrients it’s definitely harm Your health.
* Take proper diet which contains all nutritions like protien, carbohydrates, calcium etc.
As they all are different from each other and one type of food cannot replace the need of other food.

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2) Let’s break the fast

*As I said due to lack of knowledge girls started avoid breakfast to look slim. But this idea is very dangerous for health.
*Do take proper healthy breakfast which contains calcium, carbohydrates, protien. It can be milk, oats and sprouts and fruits.
After all it provide energy for whole day.


3) Take the proper lunch

*Lunch time is very important for a day so we should take proper and balanced lunch.
*Lunch should contain all nutritions. Vegetables, pulses, grains, salad etc, provide high metabolic rate which help us to be fit and healthy.


4) Dinner should be light weight

*Take light food in dinner doesn’t mean to stay starve at night.
*Salad and vegetables or non vegetarian soup.
*And take multi grain noodles and pasta, do not take oily food at night.


5) Dessert is diet

*Dessert is important because it’s provide you taste, so make sure that dessert should Change every day in a week.
*Do not add sugar in dessert, let’s it’s natural sweet. It can be fruit custard, nut cracker etc.


6) Perfect time for snacks

*In a busy day we all need snacks but as a girl you should take perfect snacks.
*Mostly the snacks time should be in between lunch and dinner.
*Do not take any food as snacks, start eating fruits in snacks time, it will definitely helps you to look beautiful.


7) Say no to Junk food

*Food which contain no nutritional value known as Junk food.
*Junk food is improper food as it’s helps body to became fat. And create obesity among youth.
*Junk food is very oily and high amount of oil is mother of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure.


8) Healthy fat is necessary

*Healthy fat such as vegetable oil, pure ghee, milk, paneer but in small amount is definitely the good for health.
*Fat provide us healthy growing skin and don’t let it dry.


9) Water is BAE

*Water is very important then above mentioned diet as water helps to digest food.
*Drinking 12 glass of water per day is very good, because water helps to maintain metabolism function in body.
*Water helps skin glowing and pimple free,which is the problem of 90% teenage girl.


10) Importance of milk and water

*Mostly girls not take milk because they think it is the drink for kids, and started drinking soft drinks and it’s become the reason of their fat body.
*Because of busy schedule girls forget to eat fruits but as a good girl you should take fruits every day, it’s helps you to stay fit and disease free.


I hope that these tips will helps you and your daughter to stay fit.
You can also visit to diet plan of girl During mensuration. To live a happy and healthy life you should follow this healthy diet and for any query or suggestion you can comment below.