A relaxed friendly hands-on cooking holiday in the Dordogne, France
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Cook Like a Chef

Learn to cook like a chef by understanding how their recipes actually work...

When reading one of Gordon, Gary or Delia's recipes have you ever wanted to know how they actually do it?  You know: what does it feel like cooking the way they do, using their methods and techniques.

Well, after a few days with us you'll be 'in the know' and cooking like a chef yourself because we are going to cook some of the recipes written by your favourite chefs - and they're going to work!

Just what are they talking about..?!

How many times have you attempted to cook like your favourite chef, only to find that the recipe just doesn't seem to work?  You ask yourself:  Is it me?  Am I missing something?  And just what are all those weird words they use?!

When TV chefs say things like "Take some jellied chicken stock, reduce it to a syrup, de-glaze the pan, adjust the seasoning, then nap it over your rested pan-fried Magret" do you actually know what the hell they're talking about?

Well, if you don't, take heart, because you're not alone!

Learn how to interpret chefs' recipes...

Many really good home cooks have problems interpreting chef's recipes, which is hardly surprising when most are really just cut-down versions of complicated restaurant dishes.

That's no bad thing in itself, but not many domestic kitchens have litres of fresh chicken stock or demi-glase hanging around, nor does every home cook know what a "liaison" or a "reduction" is.

A waltz through some great dishes...

Well, that's where we come in: we'll take three recipes - a starter, main course and dessert - from your favourite chefs and waltz you through every step.  In this way, we'll recreate the dishes one by one in real time and have you cooking like a chef before you know it.

And, just as no oven cooks the same as another, we'll learn that similar ingredients can differ as well. For instance, did you know that flour is heavier in damp weather?  Or that a chicken cooks more evenly when allowed to come to room temperature before going in the oven?

And we'll probably find that, when cooking from these chef's recipes, we'll need to tweak something here and add a little there, turn the oven up a bit or make a dough wetter than described.

Cook like a chef, present like a chef...

We'll cover

and show you how to cook like a chef as you

Learn some great 'tricks of the trade'...

Now, we've all met someone who has claimed to cook the best Spag Bol since Julius Caesar said "Now, be careful with that knife", but what happens when you go round for his or her 'authentic' Italian meal?  Chances are you'll get a bowl of over-cooked spaghetti swimming in a pale tasteless watery soup of tinned tomatoes and half cooked onions. What a let-down. 

But, it wouldn't have happened if he'd come to us first!  You see, all he needed to do was sweat the onion for a little while (there you go again, more weird words), then allow the sauce to reduce (oh, please!) until it's nice and concentrated, and the spaghetti?  Well, he should have just kept tasting it in order to capture that 'al dente' moment (Al who?!)

Recover those kitchen disasters...

You'll also pick up some great tips, tricks and work-arounds so you'll always be ready to recover potential disasters when you get back home. 

For instance: have you ever made real Mayonnaise as per the recipe and have it curdle on you? Did you try to recover it, or was it always going to be bin food?  Well, believe it or not, it can be saved, and all it takes is an extra egg yolk and some warm water (and a little know-how, of course).

Don't worry, even chefs get time off...

You'll have a great time here, which is why we describe Cookinfrance as a cooking holiday. When not 'slaving' away learning to cook like a chef you'll be visiting some of our beautiful tourist sites, doing some shopping, going out for great value meals or just lounging around by the pool soaking up the sun.

There'll be organised visits to bustling open-air markets, a walnut oil mill and, of course, the ancient honey-coloured towns and villages of this perfect region.

And while you learn to cook like a chef, you'll be staying in our superb centrally-heated en-suite accommodation. Or, if you are  already on holiday staying nearby, just come and learn to cook on our one-day, two-day or three-day cooking courses. 

Hey, cook all week if you want to!

"The course was all that I hoped it would be - a full day preparing and eating fabulous food in a beautiful setting with warm, friendly people." (Pat Broering - Morro Bay, California, USA) More Great Testimonials

Want to bring a friend or partner?

Do you have a non-cooking friend or partner who would like to come along?  No problem - non-cooking guests are very welcome and, what's more, the price is about half that of the cook's rate and they'll get to taste all the lovely food!


Booking is easy, and only an email or phone call away, so why wait?  Strike while the iron's hot - book a cooking holiday in France now and share an experience you'll never forget!
































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5 Day/5 Night Cooking Courses Include:

  • Expert hands-on tuition with British chef

  • All courses conducted in English

  • All cooking ingredients, equipment and aprons

  • A continental breakfast each day

  • Lunch each day

  • Dinner
    (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

  • Tea, coffee and wine

  • An evening meal on the day of your arrival

  • En suite centrally-heated accommodation

  • Recipe pack containing all the dishes cooked during your stay

  • Entrance fees to places visited

  • Private and secluded pool

  • Internet and Email

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    Some of the things you'll be doing on the cooking course:

    Learn how to cook pastries, breads and soups

    Select and prepare the best fish and shellfish

    Butcher common joints of meat

    Cook classic French and Italian sauces

    Construct modern dressings

    Master the art of stylish contemporary food presentation